Apartments for Design lovers

Apartments for Design lovers

Design and hospitality are two great passions deep-rooted in our DNA. Florence: our city. A magnificent place full of history, art and culture but also traditions and a way of living that smacks of authenticity.

Our family has always loved to travel, eager for new experiences with the desire to discover outstanding places and experience genuine emotions. We are Serena and Mario and we have created Design Apartments to share this vast universe with our guests.

For us Design means rationalising spaces and choosing a refined minimal style, made up of single pieces created by big names of the past and present. Personalities like Arnaldo Pomodoro and Philippe Starck, brands ranging from Kartell to Flos down to the very Italian Driade.

Furnishing accessories and objects that fit unobtrusively and perfectly into the architecture of our apartments. Design means clean-cut lines, freedom of interpretation, care of the setting, down to every little detail so that everyone can live comfortably making full use of available space.
Hospitality means offering more than a person expects.

With this in mind, we endeavour to satisfy those needs which we ourselves have experienced in our travels. We aim to anticipate every request and foresee every necessity so that our guests will immediately feel at home.

Staying in one of our Design Apartments must conjure up that same feeling of familiarity one feels at home. We want our guests to feel welcome and pampered by the discreet presence of every desirable commodity.

We do everything possible to ensure that returning home after a busy day sightseeing Florence is a pleasure and a moment of relaxation. Besides a profound sense of confidence, we aim to offer an authentic and unrepeatable experience that adds emotional value to everyone’s holiday.